Teens being taught by Don Gregory

Quick Overview. It's awesome.

In Summer 2014, the "Teen Tech Squad" Pilot Project was conducted at the Providence Public Library. The project was made possible in part by a Library of Rhode Island grant from the R.I. Office of Library and Information Services using funds from the Institute of Museum Services. Nine teenagers from across Providence participated in a 9-week long summer program to build websites to document the history and current use of locations across the city.

The teens worked with local history organizations to learn how to interpret site history, use primary sources as historical evidence and to think critically about how to present history. Using iPads, each student documented their neighborhood via video, audio, and photography during independent field research. To showcase their work, the students then edited that documentation to create photograph collections, short documentary films and designed webpages to highlight each location.

The Providence Public Library partnered with Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence Preservation Society, and Brown University Center for Public Humanities to help guide and mentor the teens in the proper techniques and methods of documenting a historical record.

Teens were trained in digital photography, videography, and audio recording -- all leading to the conceptualization and creation of their neighborhood profile as an open-source digital exhibition.


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