Project Overview

This site contains information, pictures, video, and history of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Providence, RI. Although there's a limited amount of recorded history about this area, it's past isn't completely blank. Maps, a few documents, and even some old interviews are available. Because of the limited amount of actual history recorded of this area, this site will focus more on the neighborhood as it is now. The historical resources available will also be included.

Metropolitan Rd. Mount Pleasant Providence RI

Neighborhood Bio.

The Mount Pleasant Neighborhood is a largely residential area, but it also contains the Mount Pleasant High School, Rhode Island College, a few small commercial businesses, and is very close to the churches, St. Augustine's and St. Pius V. It is usually a quiet neighborhood, and for the most part, a pretty peaceful place to live. There's always some activity going on, whether it's joggers at the track or on the sidewalks, a high school team practice, a pickup game of soccer, football, baseball, or ultimate frisbee on the field. While everyone doesn't know each other by name, as residents did in the 1800s, theres still a quite peaceful, friendly feel to this quiet little neighborhood.