Historical Maps

Historical Atlas Mount Pleasant RI

 There isn't much historical information on the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, and one of the best sources I could find were historical atlases containing maps on the land, showing roads, plots, and buildings. Looking at the Mount Pleasant area on these maps, significant growth throughout the years is shown. Below are pictures of 4 different maps of the same area, from the years 1875, 1895, 1926, and 1971.

Historical Atlas Mount Pleasant 1875

1875- The undeveloped land which will eventually become the Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

Historical Map Mount Pleasant 1895

1895- More developed land appears, but not many actual buildings are made.

Historical Atlas Mount Pleasant 1926

 1926- More developed land, roads, and buildings appear.

Historical Map Mount Pleasant 1971

 1971- More and more blocks of developed land, more buildings. The neighborhood is growing.