North Burial Ground

The North Burial Ground is located at the intersection of North Main Street and Branch Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island. Established in 1700, it is the oldest cemetery in the state. Before it was created, residents of Providence were haphazardly buried throughout the city; they were gradually moved to North Burial Ground. The cemetery expanded over time and the city of a Providence grew to surround it. Today, the North Burial Ground has 109 acres that contain over 35,000 gravestones and 100,000 people, including governors, mayors, war heroes, and more. Approximately 225 burials still take place there every year.

The North Burial Ground has a diverse collection of gravestones. Their style is influenced by the time periods between 1700 and today, and they range from simple to very elaborate. The various kinds of funerary sculpture are spread randomly throughout the cemetery; for example, a minimalist stone can be next to a sculpture or mausoleum from a different century. Also, there can be just one or many names on a gravestone.