Rhode Islands "Little Italy"

Beginning on Atwells Avenue, Historic Federal Hill is the Heartbeat of Providence. It Flows under the gateway arch with the LaPigna (the pinecone) Sculpture hanging in the Center. This traditional Italian symbol of quality and abundance is often mistakenly called "the pineapple."

"'Federal Hill, Rhode Island's "Little Italy," is probably the state's most storied neighborhood and has the allure of a foreign country. One can still hear Italian spoken on the street in the area of Atwells Avenue, one of its two main commercial arteries. Atwells Avenue was named after Amos Atwells, an early Providence land Developer, and was one of Federal Hill's earliest thoroughfares. Federal Hill, known affectionately as "The Hill" was also referred to as "Colletto," meaning "little hill," by many of the Italians in the neighborhood. The name Federal Hill could have been originated from its use during the Dorr Rebellion of 1842 (a Rhode Island Constitutional struggle) when meetings took place at the "Federal (style) house on the hill."... It was thereafter referred to as Federal Hill."' (Raben, Jonathan. "Federal Hill Today." Italian Americans and Federal Hill. No ed. Providence: Seven Fishes Productions, 2006. 5, 6, 7. Print.)